Svetol Green Coffee Extract

green coffee bean extractA product that give results for persons with weight problems is Green Coffee Extract. The brand that was endorsed by the trusted Dr “O” must have Svetol® or GCA®. Many brands claim to have Green Coffee Extract but the percentage makes the difference. A civic is not a pathfinder although they are both cars. All weight loss capsules are not created equal. Skinny Fiber Diet pills are also a good natural weight loss diet tablet. Coffee have not work for some but the natural ingredients in Skinny Fiber by Skinny Body Care may work for getting weight loss results.

Svetol Green Coffee Extract Review

100% Pure Svetol® Green Coffee Bean Extract : 400 mg per Capsule : 90 Vegetarian Capsules per Bottle. Svetol® Green Coffee GOLD is not mixed or diluted with other cheap Green Coffee extracts. Beware of most of the other products that list more than one kind of Green Coffee Extract in the “Supplement Facts” section of their product label. They are cutting costs by mixing the “pure” Svetol® or GCA® Green Coffee extracts with 75% or more of other cheap Green Coffee bean extracts that do not work. As Of October 1, 2012, only Svetol® Green Coffee GOLD contains 400mg of Svetol® extract per capsule (Green Coffee Extract from Coffea canephora robusta Pierre [unroasted beans] decaffeinated and standardized to 50% Total Polyphenols, 45% Chlorogenic Acids, 10% 5-Caffeoylquinic Acid and less than 2% caffeine).

Why is “Svetol Green Coffee GOLD” the best Green Coffee product?
– The ONLY product that contains a FULL 400 mg of Svetol® Green Coffee extract per capsule
– Svetol is an award-winning Green Coffee extract proven in 8 research studies
– Svetol’s weight-loss effects have been clinically-proven on humans in double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials
– Svetol is clinically-proven to improve lean mass to fat mass ratio by 4%
– The ONLY GC extract with clinically proven bio-availability and absorption
– Manufactured without additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients

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