What diet supplements work naturally and effectively

What diet supplements work naturally and effectively

What can I do! I’m putting on weight and seeking for a supplement that can help me shed extra pounds. This is a question I thousands around the world try to find the answer. I’m sure this persons question echos in a great many people so I wanted to let you know how I replied to it in the hopes that others encountering this same issue could possibly be better prepared. Inform me if you would add anything to this also.

What diet supplements work

Did your weight gain just start recently? Have you asked your doctor about it? I just want to make sure youve spoke with your doctor about your gaining weight. Most times gaining of weight is due to eating too much food, in rare cases sudden weight gain with no cause can be due to other things – even cancer! Let’s assume you actually are healthy and proceed from there.

There are three elements that cause us to burn calories during a twenty-four hr period :

1. Resting metabolic rate – the energy considered necessary to keep us alive

2. The energy we consume to digest food

3. Exercise as well as other activities

Of the 3, most of the calories (sometimes over 60%) burned result from resting metabolic rate. So that we use almost all of our calories when we are not doing anything.

Approximately 5% -10% derives from digesting food

Exercise contributes about 25% or so of daily energy use

Don’t forget exercise burns a considerable amount of calories but not as much as what you use all day long when you are not working out. That means that exercise alone probalby will not help weight loss much – if that is all you do. But, for those who combine exercise with eating a few less calories, then that is when the magic happens. Exercise will also help you preserve your muscle (which helps you burn calories too!).

How diet supplements work

A lot of the weight loss supplements I have seen are either caffeine and other stimulants or laxatives.Skinny Body Care product Skinny Fiber Diet Pills with extra fibre. I’d personally much rather you eat more fiber – fruits /veggies (esp veggies) and lean protein, focusing on how much you are eating. Combining an all natural wieght loss supplement and healthy eating willwork for anyone wanting to lose weight. I think that is healthiest.

What do you think? Would you add anything else to this?